Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dinner Mishaps

While I pride myself in my meal planning abilities, I cannot always depend upon the outcome of the meals. Despite "years" of experience, I can still manage to botch up an entire week of planned dinners. Was it Halloween? Was it sobriety? Maybe you can weigh in.

Monday:  Roast Chicken Breasts with roasted sweet potatoes and microwaved Honey Carrots. The  roast chicken initially came out under cooked and had to be put back in the oven (see photo). The frozen peas I was going to nuke had already been opened. There was no time to boil them. So, I nuked some carrots. The husband called it "beta carotene" evening.  Miso paste in the sweet potato was a win!

Tuesday:  Hosted Bible Study - Lasagnas came out great. I now have 12 individual frozen pieces in my freezer. When will I eat these?

Wednesday: Smitten Kitchen's Baked Potato with Mushroom Ragu.  This looked so good in the photos. I love potatoes, I love sauteed mushrooms, I love goat cheese. What could go wrong?  1) I only had a quarter of the mushrooms I needed for the recipe. 2) open vegetable broth for two tablespoons? no - used water. 3) open white wine for two tablespoons? no - used Marsala 4) and the kicker, I accidentally bought "Guava Goat Cheese". Thankfully, the guava part was in the middle of the tube, so I was able to cut out the plain part. There was still a fruity tinge. The husband ADDED the guava part and said it was good. Hmmmmm.  

Thursday:  Turkey Bolognese Sauce from the Kitchn web site, which was published in the Observer. Not as "easy" as advertised, but extremely elegant and tasted amazing. Unfortunately, I must have given the whole wheat spaghetti I planned to use to Loaves and Fishes, and ended up using elbow macaroni. Goodbye elegance!

I will spare you the weekend.

Monday:  Shrimp and Green Beans with Green Curry Sauce over rice, from Keepers. The green curry spice is supposed to be minimized by coconut milk. Apparently, there is also a product called "Coconut Cream," which I had bought instead. According to the label, it is used in Pina Coladas. I had no choice. I had to use it. The meal tasted fine, except it was Sweet and Sour Shrimp and no curry to be had.

Currently, Chicken Caccitore from Giada's Everyday Italian simmering on the stove.  Hopefully we will have success turned a corner.

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