Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Wednesdays have always been my favorite day of the week. Here is why:

1) When I was working, it was the day I could start thinking about the weekend. When Wednesday is over, the week is more than half way done.

2) Wednesday was usually date night. Since I was caught up on lesson planning/waiting for assignments/had a vision for the rest of the week, I could relax and see my future husband.

3) The Food Section of the New York Times arrives. Enough said.

4) Now that I have kids, they go to preschool on Wednesdays.

5) And lastly, the Harris Teeter VIC Coupon Specials arrive in my inbox.

Since I "retired" from teaching to become a homemaker, the same sense of urgency and success that I attained from lesson planning, I now attain by meal planning. I like to have meals planned for the entire week, all from different food sources, that contain adequate nutrition.  If there are not enough meals to plan, for example, we get Blue Apron meals, or we have many evening plans (LOL), I start to twitch.  Now that I have discovered Harris Teeter's coupon web site, my meal planning fantasies have gone wild. I am now meal planning, eating somewhat nutritious meals, and saving $$$$$$$$.
But the best part is THE LIST:

Money Shmoney! Who needs it when you can click on all the coupons you want, and print out a categorized list, WITH prices and amounts.

Added bonuses:
1) I did save $50 on a $150 grocery bill last week.
2) I have frozen pork tenderloin, chicken breast, ground turkey, and ground beef in my freezer.
3) Since I make lasagnas for families of new babies at our church, I have stocked up sauce, shredded mozzarella, lasagna pans, and frozen spinach - 5 of each for $20.
4) I will buy less next week because I have no more freezer space.

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