Thursday, November 12, 2015

"Chili" Saturdays

We have had chili for three Saturday nights in a row.  This means that we have been extremely lucky to have spent the last Saturday nights in the company of our family or friends.  It also means the temperature has dropped, which in North Carolina means to a chilly 60 degrees.

Three weeks ago, my father-in-law made his special chili for our family's visit.  It is always fantastic.

The following Saturday, Halloween, I made beef chili for all of my in-laws.  We ate it while handing out candy. This chili was, by far, my least favorite.  It was also my first time making a beef version of chili. I will spare you my analysis of the failure and just tell you that everyone managed to slurp it down.

Then, this past Saturday night, I had the healthiest/best chili I have EVER had at our friends' new house.  Our friend sent me the recipe.  It apparently had chia seeds in it? and butternut squash? Remember to pass the Fritos! (this was a whole new revelation.)

Butternut Squash and Turkey Chili
Thank you, Kim!

Wishing you all have a "Chili" Saturday soon!

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