Friday, November 20, 2015

Preschool Thanksgiving Turkey

I have roasted three turkeys in my life....all for the annual preschool Thanksgiving.  Each year, there has always been a small bit of drama associated with this donation.

The first year, I learned how long it took to defrost a turkey. My husband carried the turkey from the oven and into the church kitchen to carve. When the first turkey was eaten, ours came out and was devoured. I had counted on leftovers for dinner. Clare must have been there?

The second year, I bought the turkey at the last possible moment, and defrosted it outside of the refrigerator for a large chunk of time.  I woke up at six in the morning to put it in the oven. It finished at 10:30. I let it rest, and brought it to the church kitchen uncut (apparently uncarved it not a word.....). I cut it up and had it ready to serve as Ms. Lillian said the blessing.  We didn't get seats and ended up sitting along the edge of the hall,  One of the preschool substitutes told me how her husband had died from heart attack a month before during choir practice in the choir room down the hall. Meanwhile, Clare was crawling all over the floor.

This year, I decided to cut the drama and cook it the day before. (There was also an email from the preschool director stating that "All turkeys must be cut up ahead of him."  I took the hint).  It was still partially frozen the day before.  I read the instructions on the turkey wrapping, and it stated not to defrost outside of the fridge (whoops)  But, apparently, you can just cook it longer if it is still partially frozen.  After five hours, it came out great, and the kid had some "chicken" for dinner.  I put it in the fridge overnight, carved it up the next morning, dribbled it with chicken broth, warmed it up, and the husband carried it into the church hall before Rebekah's dance performance.  After her stellar dance, we went upstairs to the church hall, and didn't get seats again. All the turkey meat from all the turkey's were mixed on one plate, so who knows what we ate.  The kids ran around in chaos. Clare ate two pieces of pumpkin pie.  I am still hungry for some reason.

Meanwhile, here is the cutest example of cultural appropriation ever! Currently, she is making a "Native American" pie????

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  1. Reminds me of my turkey experiences. Love the picture of the Indian princess