Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Reflections on Vacation

I haven't seen this in a while. So many bloggers (am I a blogger? - we sill have to see) go on vacation and never return. Since I am not advertising this (or advertising), then it doesn't matter. Too much pressure.  Anyway, a few reflections on my recent "trip with kids" to my parents' homes in Cohasset, MA and Martha's Vineyard, in no real order of significance.
1) When you start to write on a regular basis (ie, the three weeks before the trip), you actually start to miss writing. Maybe because I am new at this.  I started thinking of many new topics to write about, and I didn't have (or make) opportunities to write.
2) I didn't have much opportunity to read as well. I am a voracious reader and it is also my means of escape. Pre-Kids, I read War and Peace in one week on MVY. I read East of Eden another week (Oh how I loved that book, and oh, how I cannot recall one sentence).  This vacation I managed to skim the last chapters of Candice Bergan's autobiography A Fine Romance (there will be more on that later), and I did manage to read H is for Hawk for Preschool Moms book club while the kids were in front of the TV at my grandmother's.
3) I don't live for beach days. I never really have. I like the essence of all things Vineyard, the salty air, the G&T at 5, driving to the fish market, grassy views with red barns, the white houses with views of the harbor. I like the beach, but it won't make or break a Vineyard stay.
4) My younger daughter really dislikes the beach.  This does not even have to be reflected upon. It just is, and hopefully she will put her toes on the sand next summer.
5) For some reason, the fact that the Banana Stand does not have a dishwasher did not bother me in the least. Go figure.
6) Central air has gotten into my bones. I can never go back.
7) Kids wake up extremely early on vacation. This is always a surprise. They woke us up at 7:45 today, for the first day of school.
8) I liked being among my Yankee people, but it was nice to return to the friendliness in the south, which was immediately noticed at the Charlotte airport.
9) People pretended to be happily ignorant of my screaming daughter on the flight home. It was a flight with TV and only two hours long, but it is still nice to be reminded that there is hope for humanity.
10) Watching your parents with your kids is wonderful!  So much love and cuteness. We miss Mimi and Grandad terribly.  

I should probably put these in a more artistic order, and I should also start trying to write without using lists.  We will see how that goes!

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