Friday, September 25, 2015

Food Web Sites

Even though this web site is called "Putnam Dinners," I have not wanted to define this blog as technically a "food blog."  I have no end goal of becoming a great "food blogger."  Also, most of my favorite food bloggers mix in other topics and stories of their personal lives.  Here are some of of my favorite food blogs, and why I like them.

1) Dinner a Love Story - Jenny Rosenstrach writes/provides accessible recipes for the working family. She also provides strategies for families with picky eaters and different appetites.  I own her cook book, and gift it at many a baby/wedding shower.  Even before I read her blog, an article she wrote in some magazine (Real Simple?) inspired me to write down all of the dinners I have ever made. I now keep a record from November 2011, one month after R was born, in a dinner journal
My favorite recipes include the Salmon Salad, Tortilla Soup, Baked Chicken with Tomatoes and Marscapone, Salad Pizza, and her Bourbon Pork Tenderloin (only in her cook book, and I never use Bourbon). Click on her Recipes link and explore!

2) Smitten Kitchen - More complicated recipes. Deb Pearlman is hilarious and realistic and really knows food. You know it's a good food blog when you read it and rarely use the recipes.  I try one every once in a while, most recently this Zucchini Casserole.  I didn't leave enough time to make it, and it came out too salty with excess liquid.  I also have made  her cucumber and avocado salad a few times.

3) Amateur Gourmet - Adam Roberts is a former professional food blogger who now writes for television. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading his journey from Park Slope, to Manhattan, and eventually to Los Angeles, with his now husband Craig.  He tries multiple recipes, has fun dinner parties, makes useful videos (I have found the "How to Cook Fish" and "How to Cook Steak" videos extremely useful), and has taken me to many amazing restaurants with his photo journals.  Recipes from his blog I have loved are Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies, Slow Roasted Salmon with Yogurt Cucumbers and Preserved Lemon,  While visiting his blog to write this paragraph, I just learned that he is starting a new, personal, no advertising blog called

4) Food 52.  Some good recipes, but not enough content. There articles have interesting titles and ideas, but are never longer than a paragraph.  Is this site meant for a phone?  I especially like their cookbook reviews, which seem to be longer than their other articles.

Happy Exploring!

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