Thursday, September 3, 2015

Accidental Blue Apron Dinners

After being away from home for two weeks, and only being able to prepare vacation menus apropos to a rental house, I took pleasure in reviewing my saved recipes from the summer and choosing the ones I have loved but haven't made yet. I also scoured my summer magazines for recipes I tagged, but have not yet made/saved.  I chose the perfect weekly menu and shopped for the grocery store ingredients that day (I shop almost daily for fresh ingredients), for the week.  When I returned home from round two, I found an email from Blue Apron reminding me that my dinners would arrive the next next day. I CHECK MY EMAIL EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY, FOLKS.  How could I miss this? 
Well, how great is that? I can afford to get three meals of gourmet ingredients sent to my home. Good thing the only fresh, un-freezable ingredient I got was cilantro.  

The next day, come 5:00, the Blue Apron box is still not here. I track the package. It is in WADESBORO? I call Lasership. I wait 15 minutes on hold before I am told that I am the 30th caller in line, "But my call is VERY IMPORTANT to them."  

7:00:  The kids are in bed, still no box.  Husband and I are hungry. We decide to start the earlier planned dinner, knowing that if we don't start it, the package will not arrive. 

7:35:  As planned, the moment my Pork Milanese and Panzenella Salad hit the table, the Blue Apron Box arrives. I grab it, open it, and leave it on the floor. I am too hungry to load up the fridge. My husband states, "You're just going to leave it open on the floor!"  Dude, it's been in WADESBORO all day. Ten more minutes on our floor won't hurt it. 

So, tonight we will have the Catfish.

And now my in laws are taking the kids for the weekend and we are hitting the baseball game, Kindred, and Del Frisco's. The steaks and chicken burgers will have to wait for next week. That's what freezers are for!  

Other goals besides trying to menu meals will have to suffice!  (Is it weird that I am secretly annoyed that I don't get to cook my planned menu?)  And I will be thinking about that cilantro all week.

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