Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dinner Challenge - What to make with what's left?

On Tuesday, I had a typical "busy Mom" quandary - that being "What to make for dinner with no food?"  I usually schedule grocery time with my girls, as they enjoy going and are USUALLY well behaved. But, a last minute meeting with the grandparents, and a spontaneous play date prevented me from even darkening the door of the Teeter. Therefore, I took the challenge happily.

I have come to understand that one of the challenges that chefs partake on in cooking shows is to look in the pantry/refrigerator of someone's kitchen, and cook a gourmet meal from the ingredients they find.  I pretended to be one of those chefs as I sifted through my sparse cupboards.  All we needed was a main, as we still had the potato salad as a side (and we will be having it again tonight).
We had a quarter of a box of pasta, but no Parmesan. We had tomatoes. We had bread and turkey, but I really didn't want sandwiches for dinner. We had beans, cheese and tomatoes, and corn tortillas, but that really didn't go with potato salad.
I pondered for a few hours.
Frittata! We had eggs, feta, and frozen spinach. I googled the ingredients and came up with this recipe:
William-Sonoma's Spinach, Red Pepper, and Feta Frittata

And I even had the red pepper left over from last week's unused Blue Apron dinner!
The husband was skeptical, but it filled him up, and I was even able to have the other half for lunch the next day.  The recipe uses William Sonoma's Frittata maker, but you don't need one. I used my cast iron skillet, and finished it off under the broiler. Also, I only used six eggs instead of ten, and lowered the amount of the other ingredients to taste.
I think I won a small chef's challenge!    

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