Friday, August 7, 2015

Our Meal Schedule and Blue Apron Dinners

We occasionally do Blue Apron dinners.  I felt the need this week, mainly so I can have the freedom in my head that comes when I don't have to plan dinner. Otherwise, I feel that I am a better meal planner, and make quicker (though less complex) meals.

 Planning dinner is an intricate decision that is made with the following in mind:
1) What is in the fridge? (in my case, usually not much)
2) What recipes have I been hankering to do?  (usually time consuming, and I won't be able to do until the kids go to college).
3) What wines have I been dying to try?
4) What have I eaten so far this week?
5) Can I get the kids to eat some?
6) Is there gas in the grill?
7) What is the "scheduled" main for the evening?

In order to cut down on the decision making, I created a schedule

Monday: Chicken
Tuesday: Vegetarian
Wednesday: Fish
Thurs: Pork/Lamb
Friday:  Ground Meat
Saturday: Out
Sunday: Pizza (in or out).

This schedule is not set in stone. If I end up buying fresh fish on Monday, we will eat it, and have chicken later.  If we eat out on Wednesday, we will eat in on Saturday.  Anyway, it keeps boredom at bay and cuts down decisions.

I have been trying, throughout the years, to come up with a book of solid recipes I turn to that can eventually become, "Putnam Family Classics."  That is eventually the goal, to at least print out a cookbook for ourselves, eventually, in many years.....  Hopefully this blog/writing exercises will help.

The next few weeks will be all kids all the time, as camp ends and then we have three weeks until preschool. At least we will have two weeks up north with my family.  There will probably be no time to write.  Hopefully I will find time to pray and read every day. Hahahahahahahah!

It is amazing that I have sat down every day for the last three days with something in mind to write, and then wrote some thing else...... Will have to work on that.


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