Sunday, August 9, 2015

Gone Double Nap

The era of the double nap is gone. It has been nothing short of soul crushing. The era when both girls would sleep two, possibly three, hours, and I would do whatever I wanted. Or, check off tasks that needed to get done, that I didn't really want to do.

Sadly, my three year old dropped her nap. and my world has never been the same.  After about seven months of no nap, I still remain in deep mourning and I am working on creating a "new normal" for me and R.  This has only happened after a process of loss and acceptance, and involved considerable whining, many tears, some screaming, and loads of cartoons. It is still a work in process. Here is a picture of the new normal afternoon:

First, I put C down for her nap.
Second, I eat my lunch and give bites to R.
Third, I read R a book (this has been being rejected recently).
Four, I try to get her into bed to "just to lie down for a bit."  This gets rejected every time.
Fifth,  I give into her requests to watch the new favorite cartoon.
Six, I prepare something for dinner, and she helps. (She wants to chop. She can't. She wants to stir. She can't. She gets her fingers dirty. She cries. She wants to help more.)This is a post on its own and has been the most difficult to accept. My cooking time is MY time. Her intrusion has been heartbreaking.
Seven, we argue about juice.
Eight, we argue about whether to wake C.
Nine, there is usually a time out.
Ten, R is back in front of the TV, and I am imagining my husband coming home and making me a Gin and Tonic.

As you can see, it is a truly well thought out plan.

Good Bye Double Nap. No more RIP.  


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