Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Grilled Peach Pizza with Prosciutto

Tis' peach season here in North Carolina, and I decided to add a few peach focused recipes to my menu this week.  We started out with Grilled Peach Pizza with Prosciutto, a recipe I found in the Charlotte Observer a few weeks ago.  My folders are filled with  newspaper clippings of recipes, and I am always glad when I am able to try one out, especially so soon after publication.  It usually means that it is a keeper, and this recipe certainly is one!

The husband and I (well, really me, and the husband follows orders) began our grilled pizza experiment a few years ago, the summer our second daughter was born.  A few You Tube videos made my husband an expert at flattening out the dough for the grill. A "How Too" article with pictures, also found on the Internet, assisted.  Our first attempts were muddled by inexperience, and old grill, and screaming babies.  A few years later, we now have more experience, a new grill, and whiny children.  But, the whiny children at the pizza!


Since we were in detox from the night before, we paired this with seltzer water, but the sommelier in me would pair this with a Margaret River Riesling or a South African Muscat.

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