Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hopes I Have for my Daughters

I started this blog last summer, when I had my two daughters in camp every day.  I see that I have not posted since February. This is because we are expecting daughter number three(!), and daughters one and two were only going to school three days a week.  Now they are back in camp!  I have my iced coffee, and I could not resist the computer.

Since we are expecting our third daughter, I thought I would write a list of expectations and hopes for them.
I hope you:
never get tattoos.  There should be no explanation needed.
enjoy reading.
love learning.
are respectful of your elders.
are kind to workers in the service industry.
write thank you notes.
appreciate nature.
go to church.

I realize this is only a short list. Don't want to make expectations too high!

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