Friday, January 8, 2016

Wine Curmudgeon's 2015 $10 Hall of Fame is published!

One of my favorite wine bloggers, the Wine Curmudgeon, has just published is 2016 $10 Hall of Fame.  Some of the wines on the list that we enjoy everyday are:

In the words of the Wine Curmudgeon himeself:

" Château Font-Mars Picpoul, a French white that “is everything picpoul is supposed to be.”
• The $5 Rene Barbier Mediterranean Red: “All I can say is that the Wine Curmudgeon is as surprised as you are.” I drink this wine so often, and marvel at how it does for $5 what others can’t do at $10."
The Picpoul is available at A Taste for Wine and Spirits, in Cohasset, MA (only place I have seen it).  The Rene Barbier is found at our grocery store and Trader Joe's,
The Wine Curmudgeon also lists these wines we consistently buy and enjoy:  
- Bogle brands. Always well made, consistent, and inexpensive.  Available most places.   
- Little James Basket Press wines - available at Whole Foods (at least here in Charlotte).  
Anyway, enjoy searching for these wines. is a great web site to start!  Many are not available in North Carolina, so I have not been able to try as many as I have wanted.  

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